Matthew McConaughey

05/04/2016 Main

I can’t exactly remember when I realised that Matthew McConaughey was a serious actor. I remember watching many distinctly average rom coms with McConaughey staring as the hot weigh wood singleton who changes his ways to secure ‘the one’. There was always something about him though, a sparkle in his eye and of course his unashamedly good looks. McConaugheys next move was to start turning down romantic comedies and instead try his hand at something a little more challenging. It is clear from the quality of these films that he was making a conscious decision to choice films that were based on a strong script and an intuitive concept, a mile away from what he was used to. The Lincoln Lawyer in which he played a defence attorney who was somewhat questionably immoral was the first of many solid performances and definitely introduced audiences to a different side to McConaugheys repertoire. He continued to choose similar film roles with the likes of ‘Bernie’ and ‘Mud’ and steadily built viewer confidence in his strong acting ability. Read more


11/03/2016 Main

I’ve found another sensational TV show to recommend to you.  The show is called Vinyl and it is currently running its first series.   Centered around music exec, Richie Fenestra’s, dwindling career, Vinyl delivers on all counts: it has drama, intrigue, wonderful performances by the cast and, of course, sex, drugs and rock and roll! Read more

What’s the Projection?

25/02/2016 Main

Hope you’ve enjoyed my Entertainment blog so far. We’ve covered plenty of subjects and I’ve found out plenty of new facts myself. It’s just amazing how fast new technology is being released and it seems that with every day that goes by, there’s another piece of equipment or gadget that’s taken things to an even crazier level. I’ve always been a big fan of TV’s and when I first started earning a monthly salary, the first thing I did was to buy myself a big 50-inch TV. That was a long time ago though, I’m thinking that it may even be pushing ten years but that might be a bit of an exaggeration, maybe about eight I reckon. That fist TV cost a fortune and it was before Full HD or True HD had really bedded in. That TV was 1080i but there was no 1080p content available anyway so it didn’t really make much difference. The first thing I ever watched on it was the Champions League final. It arrived that same morning, just in time. I’ve had many since and each time the technology has got a little more advanced and in today’s market, I could get a very good TV for the same money that I paid eight years ago. Read more

Anglo Americans

22/02/2016 Main

As you may know from my previous blogs, I am very much into TV shows.  The shows that I have been enjoying in recent years are mostly American but what I have noticed is that most of the shows have a large number of British actors playing American characters.  This trend has come about due to the lower pay demanded by British actors and, I must say, in my humble opinion, they do a job that far outweighs that of their US counterparts.  Aside from the excellent performances on show, the Brits have totally nailed the American accent which cannot be said in reverse order!  Let’s examine, in more detail, some of my favourite pseudo yanks: Read more

iPhone 5s vs HTC One

28/01/2016 Main

I’ve been looking at buying a new phone but can’t really afford one of the brand new models. It’s not a real issue as the last couple of years have seen some really good phones. I’ve been weighing-up whether to go for an iPhone or whether to buy one of the other brands with similar specs. The iPhone 5s had really good specs and is going for a lot cheaper now that the iPhone 6, 6s & 6Plus have come out. I’ve got a friend with the 5s and he loves it but he’s always been an Apple fan so probably not the best person to speak to for an opinion. I’ve been looking around for phones that were bought out at a similar time, with similar specs and that are going for a similar price. The main contender appears to be the HTC One so I’ve kind of been left comparing the two to see which one I’d prefer. Here’s a few of the specs so see what you think. Read more

Best TV’s Available

02/01/2016 Main

I thought that I’d continue the theme of screens after discussing computer monitors last time around. Here’s a few of the best TV’s that you can expect to see in the next 12 months. The technology is getting better with every new model that’s released. The functionality and the quality of the screens amongst many other aspects, are at an amazing level right now. The smart TV has become the central hub of your home entertainment network. Read more

Best Computer Monitors Available

06/12/2015 Main

Best Computer Monitors Available Read more

Good TV Shows (Part 2)

01/12/2015 Main

Good TV Shows (Part 2) Read more

The Fantastic iPod

27/11/2015 Main

Hello All… I’m back to take a nostalgic look at the iPod. I was quite literally blown away last week when I read the iPod was released over 14 years ago! I didn’t realise they were that old. The release coincided with the launching of Apple’s iTunes a few months before and was obviously a portable player enabling you to listen to your iTunes library whilst on the move. Read more

Some Useful Stuff

20/11/2015 Main

So instead of talking about TV shows this time I’m going to talk about physical entities instead, stuff that gives us entertainment! Does anyone else here love to play video games? I do. Does anyone else have a wife and kids that sometimes want to watch the main TV and you just want to play a game or two? I do. Well I have found an amazing solution to the problem my friends, and it’s called the Nyrius Aries Home+. Read more